The video presentation “Fantasy, Path to tranquility” contains the following chapters:

Remembering vs. Reliving

Attempt not only remembering but as vividly as possible re-living a past event until it become source of creativity, healing and wellness.

Go to a Place of Happiness

Chose a past event of your life.

Retrieve all sensorial perceptions of that event until the event brings you back the happiness of the past experience.

Let this happiness heal your present conditions of life.

Develop Fantasy Potential

For some people Fantasy is an underdeveloped or undeveloped faculty of the human spirit.

Here you will find some suggestions how to bring Fantasy back to life.

Find a Treasure

“Where your treasure is, there is your heart”.

Retrieve one experience of your life when you were completely and unconditionally loved.

Taste it again without resisting the gift of love and let it refresh your life again.

Go to a Sacred Place

Everyone has a favorite and even sacred place to go, wherever it may be.

Retrace a way to it again. It can be a place or a person.

When you arrive there in fantasy, let it calm you, embrace you in peace. Stay there for a longer time and let it fill you with consolation.

Return to Galilee

Return in fantasy to one of the “Life-changing” events of your life.

Remember and meet again those who helped you to advanced on the way of developing  your personality. Hear the words, receive encouragement, thank for the opportunity offered, taste the excitement of having been liberated . . .

Walk to Emmaus

Bring light into the dark site of your person, consolation to the disappointing experiences of life.

In fantasy retrieve words, embraces, encouragements which saved you from despair. Discover  that there is no “unacceptable” time of life. Shalom!  All can be repaired and good again.


Making recourse to fantasy is one of the ways of softening human pain.

Not necessarily  by removing  pain, but by lessening the suffering it causes in our minds and feelings.


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