Our Services


Facility Overview:

Hallel Communications offers a core technical facility that can adapt to professional production &/or post-production requirements. The core facility has an installed base capable of servicing and specializing in remote acquisition, studio production, graphic and editorial post-production. Hallel offers a core production facility which can be enhanced through rental upgrade agreements as required by each of our clients. This studio model is capable of providing the latest tools in production technology while avoiding the pitfalls of technical obsolescence.


Remote Production

Hallel is equipped with a Prosumer Camcorders, which are capable of supporting most production requirements. For our more demanding broadcast production needs, Hallel Communications will rent high end broadcast quality acquisition equipment more suited to documentary level production.


Post Production

The Hallel Post Production environment is built around both Avid and Final Cut Pro Editorial suites. Studio &/or Field Acquisition material can be ingested, edited, rendered and mastered  on the distribution format of choice.



Graphic material can be created and incorporated into any Editorial Post Production projects.


Studio Production

The Hallel studio floor is configured as a 40’ x 40’ area expandable to 60’ x 40’ area.  The facility provides a full lighting grid and lighting board for flexible and creative scene lighting.  Cameras and various support equipment are provided under rental agreements insuring state of the art imagery as required by any given production.


Duplication and Distribution

As an added service, Hallel will provide a distribution service for either “Master” or DVD distribution. Quality Controlled and distributed will be provided in a timely manner by a professional in house technical team.